Valentine’s Day / La Saint-Valentin

Looking for a FREE Valentine’s Day activity for your class? I’ve got you covered. Click HERE to download the FREE BOOM Cards featuring Valentine’s Day vocabulary to use in your classroom or at home with your own kiddos. 


en Français                                in English

And for French Teachers out there, I also have a FREE “Étude de mots” product too. The Boom Cards (above) and this product use the same 10 vocabulary words. Included in this product is a student booklet, word wall cards, posters, vertical puzzles all centered on 10 themed vocabulary words. Did I mention it’s FREE? Visit my TpT store to grab your very own copy. 

Please note: This is currently only available in French.

en Français seulement

What are BOOM Cards ANYWAY? 

The short answer: BOOM Cards are self-checking digital task cards. Click on the link below to see some in action (YouTube video).

Don’t have a account yet?

Getting a FREE account is super simple to set up. Click HERE to get instructions on how to create your own account. In this YouTube video, I also show you how to assign BOOM Cards to your class (“Fast Pin” and/or Google Classroom™). 

Your kiddos will thank you for getting them started on BOOM, I promise!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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If your kiddos are like mine, the minute they see a snowflake, they think it’s WINTER! They didn’t really believe me when I told them it’s not until December 21st. I had to Google it to prove it to them. No, seriously. 😄

SO, to help decorate our classroom, I will be putting up this banner on the first official day of winter. We’ve already started making paper snowflakes to stick onto the windows, so it will be a great addition.


Français                                            English

Click on the thumbnails to download the PDF file to use in your classroom. Included in this product is a smaller and larger format, as well as in colour or in black and white. Did I mention it’s FREE? Visit my TpT store to grab your very own copy. Both English and French versions available.

They’re super easy to assemble.

What you will need.

* the FREEBIE from my TpT Store (English or French version)

* scissors

* ribbon or yarn

* a hole punch


Step 1:

Download the FREE PDF, and then print the size you want. I printed in colour, thanks to my HP Instant Ink subscription. It’s a GAME CHANGER! Maybe I should write a blog post about that someday soon.

Step 2:

Cut out your banner pieces. Then punch holes at the top. I’ve been meaning to get myself a single hole punch, but my three hole punch worked just fine.

Step 3:

Lay out your banner pieces in order, then feed your ribbon through the holes. I went in through the front for the left hole, then back up through the right hole so that less of the ribbon is visible, but I would look good either way. 

And VOILÀ! You’re done!

Ready for your wall

Français: "C’est l’hiver"

English: "WINTER"

Happy Decorating!

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Looking for a FREE Earth Day activity for your class? Need it in English? Prefer it to be in French? I’ve got you covered either way!

>>> Student Booklets, Word Walls Cards, Posters, Vertical Puzzles <<<

Click on the thumbnails below to download the FREE PDF FILE to use in your classroom or at home with your own kiddos. Included in this product is a student booklet, word wall cards, posters, vertical puzzles all centred on 10 themed vocabulary words. Did I mention it’s FREE? Visit my TpT store to grab your very own copy. Both English and French versions available.

FREE Printable Products

en Français in English

We use booklets just like these every morning as our "bell work" (based on the French sound of the week). My kiddos really enjoy the activities found inside: Word search, cross word, unscramble the letters, decode the clues, unscramble the sentences, write and draw, etc...

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that I also have FREE decks of BOOM Cards that accompany both of these FREE products too. Click HERE to get your very own copy of the matching Le Jour de la Terre or Earth Day BOOM Cards.


en Français in English

What are BOOM Cards? 

The short answer: BOOM Cards are digital task cards. These two short videos explain WHAT they are, and HOW to easily assign them to your class. Your kiddos will thank you for getting them started on BOOM, I promise!

How to SET UP your FREE account and ASSIGN decks via Google Classroom.

Happy Earth Day!

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Last year, we had a super LONG stretch of "Distance Learning". Although there were definitely a few perks (BIG FAN of the MUTE Button LOL), the toughest part was finding ways to keep them interested and engaged. I decided to try something that we can't normally do while at school: Cooking!

Now the funniest part is that I am NOT a cook. My husband thought it was hilarious that, of ALL things, I chose to COOK with my class. (He's the chef in our house, and I assist him 😜). 

I knew that I couldn't be the only French Teacher out there scrambling to connect with my students through a screen. So many other French Teachers were also looking for engaging activities to do with their kiddos too! This is why I polished up the videos a little bit and also created simple "comprehension" sheets to accompany each YouTube video.
*** Click the link to grab the FREE "Grilled Cheese" worksheet.***

Recently, a local reporter saw some of my YouTube Cooking Classes for my class and approached me about writing a "feel good article". I was so excited! Thanks Nikki from for reaching out. It was a lot of fun.

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I've been toying with this idea for a while... 

- How can I help teachers get exactly what they need
to support their own students. - 

Then it finally dawned on me, let THEM tell ME what they want!

In this moment of clarity, I decided to provide a "Create Your Own Custom Bundle" resource in my TpT store (et dans ma boutique Mieux Enseigner si vous préférez).

Here's how it works:
1. Make a list of resources you would like bundled together from my TpT store (ou Mieux Enseigner).
2. Send the list to me at
3. Once I've listed it in my store, I will send you a link (via email) for your Custom Bundle.
4. Purchase your Custom Bundle through the store and download your new discounted resources.

Your Custom Bundle:
> will be ready for you within 24-48 hours
> must total at least $15 before discounts
> will be 20% off the regular price

Let me help you create a TpT Sale anytime YOU want it!

Download the free instruction sheet on TpT by clicking here (ou ici pour la boutique Mieux Enseigner).

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Looking for a fun way for your students to demonstrate their understanding of simple patterning attributes? Try this QUICK and EASY activity with your class!

We did this activity during the week leading up to our Winter Break as a fun way for me to evaluate their understanding of simple patterning. Most kids chose to use a “festive” theme, but it was not a mandatory element by any means. I guess they just had thoughts of gingerbreads and snowflakes dancing around in their minds LOL.


Grab your FREE sweater template here.



Review simple patterning attributes with your class.

  1. Colour (la couleur)

  1. Shape (la forme)

  1. Size (la taille)

  1. Number… and colour in this case (le nombre)

  1. Position (la position)


Hand out sweaters to your students. I asked my class to create 3 different patterns on their sweaters. They had to demonstrate at least 2 attributes in each pattern (but were welcome to use more than 2).


Identify which attributes they demonstrated in each of their patterns. 

> “In my first pattern, I changed the colour and the shape.”

> “J’ai changé la couleur et la forme dans ma première suite.”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I fully intended to have them type out their response so I could print them out and post it under their sweater. BUT, to be completely honest, we were quickly running out of time in our class. I decided that it was far more important to catch a glimpse into their understanding of patterning attributes than having the perfect final product, so I just got them to flip their sweater over and list the attributes right there. Not pretty, but it works, right?  ;)

Here are a few samples of my kiddos work.

If you end up using this activity (or even a modified version of it, I would love to hear how it went and to see your final products! Leave a comment down below or send me an email.

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Looking for a slow-paced art activity to ease everyone back into the swing of things after the Holiday Break? Here’s what we’ll be doing in our class in January. I will set the mood with soft music and let my kiddos take their time with this super cool, little art project. 😎

So, what is an AGAMOGRAPH anyway?

“An agamograph is an art form that uses optical illusion to create changes when you look at it from different angles.” (source:

It was named after Isreali sculptor and experimental artist Yaacov Agam, who is widely known for his contributions to optical and kinetic art.

I’ve seen this type of art for years but never attempted one myself, until now.

Click here to watch my YouTube video where I take you through the process step by step. 

To make sure that kids of many different ages and abilities can be successful with this, I’ve created templates with 3 levels of difficulty.

Level 1: requires minimal cutting and pasting

Level 2: as seen on video

Level 3: from “scratch”

You can decide how much your kiddos can handle. You can find your FREE templates in my TpT store. 


What you need:

FREE templates
* FREE templates (found in my TpT store)
* markers or pencil crayons
* scissors
* glue stick
* optional cardstock to glue it onto (but I prefer to keep it as an accordion)

Step 1:

Choose your language and download your templates.


Step 2:

Colour your images.

Step 3:

Cut off the excess paper. Be careful to keep the parts you need to keep (indicated on the pages).

Step 4:

Glue the strips onto the templates. Pay close attention to where the strips go. Then trim off the excess letters/numbers once you’re done.

Step 5:

Glue your two templates together. The edge of page A is glued behind the first strip of page B.

Step 6:

Fold like an accordion. 

Spread back out, step back, and admire your work of art!

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