Looking for a fun way for your students to demonstrate their understanding of simple patterning attributes? Try this QUICK and EASY activity with your class!

We did this activity during the week leading up to our Winter Break as a fun way for me to evaluate their understanding of simple patterning. Most kids chose to use a “festive” theme, but it was not a mandatory element by any means. I guess they just had thoughts of gingerbreads and snowflakes dancing around in their minds LOL.


Grab your FREE sweater template here.



Review simple patterning attributes with your class.

  1. Colour (la couleur)

  1. Shape (la forme)

  1. Size (la taille)

  1. Number… and colour in this case (le nombre)

  1. Position (la position)


Hand out sweaters to your students. I asked my class to create 3 different patterns on their sweaters. They had to demonstrate at least 2 attributes in each pattern (but were welcome to use more than 2).


Identify which attributes they demonstrated in each of their patterns. 

> “In my first pattern, I changed the colour and the shape.”

> “J’ai changé la couleur et la forme dans ma première suite.”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I fully intended to have them type out their response so I could print them out and post it under their sweater. BUT, to be completely honest, we were quickly running out of time in our class. I decided that it was far more important to catch a glimpse into their understanding of patterning attributes than having the perfect final product, so I just got them to flip their sweater over and list the attributes right there. Not pretty, but it works, right?  ;)

Here are a few samples of my kiddos work.

If you end up using this activity (or even a modified version of it, I would love to hear how it went and to see your final products! Leave a comment down below or send me an email.

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