An Engaging "MONEY" Activity for the Primary Classroom

πŸ’°Money Counting Skills!πŸ’°
Are you looking for an engaging and educational resource to help students master counting money? Look no further! Today, I want to introduce you to a fantastic free resource that will make learning how to count money up to 50 cents and 50 dollars both fun and rewarding.

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This Money Mystery Math Puzzle Activity can be used as a rewarding challenge after completing tasks or even as a math center activity in the classroom.

Step 1:
Students count the money and write their answers. 

Step 2:
Students find the correct puzzle pieces and glue them over their answers.
If they answered correctly, the mystery image will appear.

Step 3:
Once the image has revealed itself, Students get to colour the picture.

Kids tested!✅ Teacher Approved!✅

πŸ‘ Reinforce Skills
Counting money accurately is an essential skill, and this resource provides a fun way to do it.
πŸ‘ Motivation
The mystery picture aspect adds an element of excitement and motivation for students to get the answers right.
πŸ‘ 5 levels of difficulty
     > coins only (not mixed)
     > dollars only (not mixed)
     > mixed coins
     > mixed dollars
     > mixed coins and dollars

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FRENCH CND Currency                    ENGLISH CND Currency                    ENGLISH US Currency

Have you tried this resource in your classroom?
Share your experiences and let us know how it went in the comments below!

Happy counting!
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