Le Jour du Souvenir - FREEBIE

Le Jour du Souvenir - FREEBIE

Looking for a FREE Remembrance Day activity for your class? Look no further. I have created a student booklet, word wall cards, posters, vertical puzzles all centered on 10 Remembrance Day vocabulary words. Did I mention it’s FREE? Visit my TpT store to grab your very own copy.

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that I also have a FREE deck of BOOM Cards that accompany this FREE product too. Click HERE to get your very own copy of the matching Le Jour du Souvenir BOOM Cards

Don’t know what BOOM Cards are? 

I’ve posted a short YouTube video:

> explaining what BOOM Cards are;

> giving a small peek at different types of BOOM Cards in action.

Don’t have a BoomLearning.com account yet?

I can help you get one set up. Click HERE to get instructions on how to create your own FREE account. In this YouTube video, I also show you how to assign BOOM Cards to your class (“Fast Pin” and/or Google Classroom™). 

Your kiddos will thank you for getting them started on BOOM, I promise!


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