What are BOOM Cards, anyway?

You’ve probably heard the term “Boom Cards” and thought, “I don’t even know what that is.” and/or “I just don’t have time to learn yet another program for my class.” I hear you. I felt the exact same way. 

It wasn’t until Covid shutdowns began, and we were suddenly thrown into the world of “Distance Learning” that I was forced to find new ways to connect with my kiddos. That is when I took some time to figure it out (and quickly).

Am I ever glad I finally did. Within 20 minutes, I was completely hooked...and I bet you will too.

So what are BOOM Cards?

BOOM Cards are Digital Task Cards. They are easy to assign to your students and come in various formats: drag & drop, fill in the blanks, multiple choice.

Kids love them because:

> they’re fun;

> they’re bright and colourful;

> they’re easy to use.

Teachers love them because:

> they’re easy to assign;

> they provide INSTANT FEEDBACK to the kids!

Click HERE to see Boom Cards in action!

Click HERE to see how to set up your very own teacher account and how to assign them with a Fast Pin. Although boomlearning.com offers paid tiered accounts, most of the teachers I know are perfectly happy with their FREE account.

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